Curatorial assignment for the 15 year anniversery of Opera pa Skaret

Technique: installation
Material: wood, paint, acrylic glass, requisites, UV-print, video+sound, digital print, etc..

We were commissioned to create an exhibition for the 15-year anniversary of Opera pa Skaret. The long corridor was divided into two spaces, one open and airy with tall white UV-printed banners, accompanied by rehearsal sounds from the orchestra, especially the harp.

In the second part a compilation with all the operas performed over the years was created, the assignment was to make a non-linear exhibition. We used old props and miniature requisites found in thrift shops, juxtaposed on the walls along with objects and sounds. The entire exhibition radiated the feel and language of Opera.

Guests would stroll slowly through the long white corridor, pausing to listen and look. When entering the second space the pace would slow down even more, with eyes drawn to inspect, discuss and enjoy some details. A lively combination of objects, props, and photos mixed with mashed-up video loops amusingly edited gave a grand taste for OPERA.
In full excitement for the new performance, the guests excitedly continued towards the magnificent Opera Barn.