Take me to the river

Take me to The River
Household paint, acrylic paint, posca on acrylic glass
Size each: 43,5 x 62 x 3 cm

Two memories conjunct into five paintings, both connects to nature – two memories as one. I walked with my grandmother in the mountains, we needed a stick from a bush or tree, she taught me that I always had to
ask the bush or tree for forgiveness when breaking off a branch. An act of awareness that has been with me ever since.

My grandfather used to take me fishing to the wild waters were the sounds of the wind blowing the leaves and the overwhelming grasp of the impeccable silence while waiting for the fish to bite. Many times, when the wind blows in the trees, I recall this.

Elvira and Helmer never met, but their impact on our emotional memories have given us wonderful memory-pounds into which we can look deep and pick out golden moments. Looking back through time, while at the same time being in the present with both our grandparents who timelessly holding our hands…