Semi temporar sculpture in public space
Size: 300 x 300 x 50cm
Material: wood, metal, suit, 7 soundboxes

Back Bone Amplifier is the transmitter of sounds in the city. On the Back Bone you can push one of the seven buttons, single or in a ”street symphony” – different examples of communication sounds will play – from a young roaring Tarzan’s feel to different ”hellos” in some languages to distinct animal perks or why not the whistling language of La Gomera to mention a few.

Around in the center of the city – footprints, signs and arrows are sprayed onto the streets for passersby to become curious and follow the lines and signs to finally end up in the courtyard where the Back Bone Amplifier is hosted. Here you can push on the buttons, look the images and meet other persons who has found their way to this odd place in the city.

This playful installation was created long before we all use our smart phones to take us around, so one great secret is ”not to get” everything instantly all the time – to be curious and ”wonder off” will many times lead to great new discoveries.