Let's Play & Sing

Let´s Play & Sing
Public assignment: Preschool Klöverängen, Lillån
Site-specific installation
Materials: acrylic resin, epoxy and wood
Size: variable


The installation is intended to strengthen the outdoor space that teachers use to read fairy tales and stories. Two cushions are placed next to a grasshopper that the children can sit on or play with – a mascot for the fairy tales.

Simple shapes have created a place that feels cozy to gather around. To lift out elements (pillows) that are usually associated with ”inside” and place these in an outdoor environment contributes to a transformation of the patio, which allows the children and staff to fantasize bigger.

The cushions have a lace pattern that is not only decorative, it provides good anti-slip protection and prevents slipping. The grasshopper is made of wood and feels like it jumped straight out of a storybook.

The installation wants to create an environment that stimulates imagination, elicits joy and play, while at the same time offering the opportunity for concentration and conversation.