Heart Beat

Temp installation in public space
Material: Digital print on banner
Size: 23 x 1.1m
Urban space is where public life unfolds, commercial messages transmitted, artworks displayed and social norms affirmed or challenged. The question is how words engage people and how they affect us in our daily lives.

There is a tale that happiness is walking past your door three times a day and that all you have to do is figure out who or what it is and then get its attention. This tale was the starting point for this temporary installation, exhibited in the heart of the city on a fence above the floodgates outside the Castle.
We wanted to capture the attention of people in the streets, using the spatial properties of the place: water and wideness. People passing by had the opportunity to take a rest, while attempting to figure out the sense of the sentence developing before their eyes.

It was only when the water was fully calm that one could read the complete line, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART BEAT.
The idea was to enchant and playfully alert pedestrians, underline that magic can be right around the corner if you are open to encounter and let it in.