– were are we going

Temporary sculpture on water
Dimention each box: 120 x 240 x 240cm + centerboard
Material: wood, digital print, emty jerrycans, screws and metal


We’re living on a spinning globe in a blackness so vast that it’s impossible for most of us to take in. Everything is held in place by gravity and there is an organic diversity here where every little atom has its place, a giant living puzzle. But we’ve been moving things around, using the planet’s resources as if they were infinite. It is 5 past 12 and we are not awake yet – business as usual.

In many ways we are smart, progressive, in others it feels more like we are digging our own grave. If we don’t understand that we have to use our knowledge and our togetherness to save humanity, things are not looking so bright.

Almost all things are delivered, they are packed and unpacked, the markets have taken over the sea, the air and the roads, everything is shipped in boxes, containers and trucks, just as if we were moving to another place, the question is – where are we going?