Dissolving Self
Technique: Illuminated cardboard boxes & soundscapes
Size of the installation varies due to space

An installation with storage boxes lit from the inside. Visitors can move freely between the sculptural elements, sometimes in subdued light, sometimes in darkness. The installation creates different associations, reminiscent of an attic space or basement in chaos – where someone has dug around without finding, or just left in a hurry. Or it might create an inner image of a landscape with strange rock formations. On every box is a piece of paper with a handwritten song title fixed, to slightly push the images into an unexpected twist.

Sounds comes and goes in the room, frequencies from different radio stations overlap and create a soft sound carpet, some famous titles are remixed with urban noises. Together with the sounds and the images in the boxes the room is full of associations – the idea is to create open windows to our imaginations and memories.