Finding order in Chaos

Finding order in Chaos
Material: wood, glue, screws, acrylic glass, spray paint & acrylic paint
Size: 400 x 280 x 70cm


In a chaotic and irregular play a giant grasshopper evolves bit by bit. Small men with briefcases run in all directions; what are they carrying, what are they delivering? Searching the perfect idea or the “missing link” they are the pictograms of time. Our brain is always active, even when asleep, always making remarks, relinks, connections. So how do we rest, how can we find inner time (peace) in this ever faster spinning world? How can we (urge to) unplug in order to rejuvenate – can new ideas emerge without pressure?

Chaos and order are related, when we see chaos, we also see order. Maybe everything is connected, maybe everything is one, or is it counter-poles like yin and yang, like cold and hot, like man and woman, north and south that makes us tick?

A multi-dimensional puzzle greater then our conscious mind is hidden inside order and chaos of the universe. Is everything pre-destined, or are we free thinking units, making our own choices? The grasshopper is Aguirre & Jonnson’s pictogram for continuum. The hopper carries possibilities for them; it can walk, jump, fly and communicate in order to move forward.

To create your own world with respect to others is possible, but the need of inner space and (private) time is essential. When this is taken away there is soon just a super-flat world of ‘men with briefcases’ running in all directions not knowing where they are, nor where to go or what they are running for. In Finding order in Chaos Aguirre & Jonnson address in a playful way the need to unplug and slow down.