Short Stories

Short Stories
a visual journey, which starts when you lie down and look up

Material: cardboard boxes, backlit photos, bed-platform, cushions
Size: 250 x 250 x 400cm


Cardboard boxes hang from the ceiling, inside are backlit photos. A bed or platform is placed below. In order to see ‘the whole picture’ you have to lie down and look up. This position will give a completely new picture of the images hanging down. Like doors or windows, they trigger a reflection a memory, an anecdote or other scenes. Short stories set off, inviting us to wander around in our thoughts, maybe share them with the person besides, stranger as friend.

When lying down you are opening yourself to a new world of fascination, at the same time you’re suddenly vulnerable, unprotected, maybe feeling a bit unsecure. For Aguirre & Jonnson the audience and visitors share the art at the same time, as they become part of the work. It might stop a few from lying down while others will throw themselves on the bed and enjoy what there is to discover in the hanging boxes. When enjoying this work, your part of the art, either you’re looking at someone looking up or when laying down looking up yourself.

The idea is to become aware, be more awake to situations, then just to what you see, and also to be part of that something where your body is involved and maybe to feel more than just what you see. A bed to enjoy and play inside, a platform to share, a simple situation but yet complex, like many situations in our day-to-day life.